Only Ones Who Know

Hello, everyone.
This is an anonymous user. I have come across many different people throughout my lifetime and have found an absolute privilege to be able to help many people. I am starting this blog as a way to help anyone who may need some advice on any given matter. It is not limited to anything, I assure you. Whether it is love, family, career, sexual orientation, religion… I will provide you with advice based on my experiences and being completely unbiased. Please, note that I am also a direct person. I will tell you things how they are and will not attempt to sugarcoat anything for you. So many times, have we been given advice, only to have been eased into it and not have been able to learn from our mistakes or lessons. Such, is the case, that I will provide the favor of being absolutely honest and lay down the facts to help you out. This is not a joke. I take all these issues, seriously. No “small” problem can be disregarded as nothing. Everyone has problems and I know that many of us wish we had someone to speak to about things. So, here I am. Our conversations will be held privately. As for my public posts, I will be posting images and quotes to inspire those of you who need the motivation or encouragement to do whatever it is you feel the need to do that will help, not only yourself, but others as well. Let’s make the world a better place and ask if you need some help. I am available at any time, all the time.

- We Are the Only Ones Who Know